Image by  Britni Dean

Image by Britni Dean

Who, you ask, is behind the lens...

Sarah Ann is my name; photography my passion.  I am a lover of beauty, health, nature and light, adventure, creativity, and spontaneity!  I became enamored by photography in high school, begging to be a part of anything journalism related just to get into the darkroom.  A darkroom brightens your soul, enlightening wonders and thoughts of yourself and what's around you.  It is timeless, classic, bringing out the best of you.

After shooting film most of my high school and college career, I took the plunge and went digital in 2009.  It has been a learning curve, most definitely, but oh so fun in challenge.  It has opened up a whole new world of exploration.  Yet, I have found myself back to the beginning, shooting film along side digital.  It feels natural to get back to where I started, encompassing the past with the present.

I love telling a story, creating a memory for others to look back on, to reminisce on the best, most memorable moments in life.

Once upon a time, a spirited teacher told our photojournalism class, "think of all you see as a photograph, as an individual moment in time.  Still the present to take in the time you are living."  To this day, with or without camera in hand, I still the most important moments so that I may truly live in the experience of the present.

In sharing my love for light, experience, and photography, I try to slow down, capturing the best moments for each client, making sure every smile, breath, thought, and thrill is caught perfectly in time so that it may be remembered and cherished for times to come.