BIRTHDAY | Aiden is 2

Two birthdays I've had the pleasure of capturing... TWO!  How lucky am I to have had the pleasure of getting to know and enjoy this adventuresome smile?

FAMILY | Blanco

I met this family through a fantastic family organization, Hike it Baby.  They were so much fun working with at Bull Creek, a place neither of us had hiked.  The kiddos were full of energy and smiles!  I hope to meet them again on the trails!

ETK Today

I pause in posting client work to share a little cuteness around my house these days... Edwin is growing up too quickly. Can it be he is already coming up on his FIRST birthday?! Cliche or not, TIME FLIES!!!

Here is a little peek at his 11 month images. I can't hug and snuggle and love this little guy enough.

This whispy haired, pat-a-cakin', movin', groovin', babbling, tootsie, outdoors loving guy...  He really makes life more simple and purposeful.  

Current favorites: Pat-a-cake, books, "Curious George", B. Toys Baa-Baa-Barn (I highly recommend it for all bebe), spoons, FOOD, all foods (Baby Led Weaning has made my life), Hike it Baby (join a branch in your neighborhood!), camping, crawling, "splish splash" bath time, and making friends!  Look at this face; who wouldn't want to be friends with this! :)

SENIORS | Culley Twins

Brenna and Caitlyn were too brave.  The coldest day of the Fall and we decided to grin and bear it for their Senior '16 session... grin they did!  These girls are the sweetest sisters, and fiercest of individuals!  Photographing them warmed my heart on that cold day!  I'd do it all over again for these ladies! 

18 MONTHS | Aiden

I adore this family more each shoot!  They are picture perfect and full of spirit!  Aiden has grown so much.  I cannot wait to capture his next big milestone!

FAMILY | French

West Texas never disappoints, especially during "strippin'" season (aka harvest).  The cotton was ready and this beautiful farm family wanted to capture their three month old in the beauty of what their family is built on.  They are so patient and kind.  It was a blessing rekindling an old friendship and meeting their beautiful little one!  West Texas is where the heart is, truly!


Emry's mama has a special place in my heart!  We met at a birthing class and she was so compassionate and kind and a friend to relate to as we were both carrying our babies at the same time.  I was so excited to be asked to shoot not only Bryce's maternity shoot, but the memories of their child's newborn session.  She was so tiny and beautiful, but most of all LOVED!  Emry, you will move mountains, little one!

NUPTIALS | Liss + Britt

Neighbors turned friends turned clients... and a most memorable, long awaited occasion it was!  They are a couple to be remembered!  I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to witness their day in such a momentous way!

SENIOR | Victoria

Victoria made my dreams come true last Spring as we shot her senior images in Georgetown; she wanted to spend time in the library!  It was the perfect expression of her personality and a look into her future. Plus, it was a tad nostalgic.  I love feeling drive and passion through each shoot, seniors especially!  Victoria was a doll to photograph! 

NEWBORN | Mackenzie

My college roomate and dear friend allowed me the honor of capturing sweet moments in her home only days after she gave birth to this little lady.  This sweet girl is now SIX months old!  My how time flies.  I cannot wait to hold her again and see her grow!   

JONAH | 9 Months of Joy

Baby Jonah and his family are so dear to my heart.  As friends, we have been near them from the beginning of their incredible journey; from finding out they were dealing with a high risk pregnancy, to the birth, the release of Jonah from NICU, to each milestone this sweet boy has met.  He is such a jovial child... and now over a year old!  WHAT A MIRACLE!!!  

I am way behind on my blogging...  This bundle is now 16 months old, but I had the pleasure of capturing a milestone at 9 months.  His family wanted to photograph him with his different ports because a few days post session, his doctors removed a few to upgrade him to a new port since he is meeting so many different milestones including weight, height, feeding, and so much more!  

Each day is a treasure this family gets to spend with him.  And I am overwhelmed by their kindness to trust me to capture such sweet moments in his life!