ETK Today

I pause in posting client work to share a little cuteness around my house these days... Edwin is growing up too quickly. Can it be he is already coming up on his FIRST birthday?! Cliche or not, TIME FLIES!!!

Here is a little peek at his 11 month images. I can't hug and snuggle and love this little guy enough.

This whispy haired, pat-a-cakin', movin', groovin', babbling, tootsie, outdoors loving guy...  He really makes life more simple and purposeful.  

Current favorites: Pat-a-cake, books, "Curious George", B. Toys Baa-Baa-Barn (I highly recommend it for all bebe), spoons, FOOD, all foods (Baby Led Weaning has made my life), Hike it Baby (join a branch in your neighborhood!), camping, crawling, "splish splash" bath time, and making friends!  Look at this face; who wouldn't want to be friends with this! :)