JONAH | 9 Months of Joy

Baby Jonah and his family are so dear to my heart.  As friends, we have been near them from the beginning of their incredible journey; from finding out they were dealing with a high risk pregnancy, to the birth, the release of Jonah from NICU, to each milestone this sweet boy has met.  He is such a jovial child... and now over a year old!  WHAT A MIRACLE!!!  

I am way behind on my blogging...  This bundle is now 16 months old, but I had the pleasure of capturing a milestone at 9 months.  His family wanted to photograph him with his different ports because a few days post session, his doctors removed a few to upgrade him to a new port since he is meeting so many different milestones including weight, height, feeding, and so much more!  

Each day is a treasure this family gets to spend with him.  And I am overwhelmed by their kindness to trust me to capture such sweet moments in his life!